For more than 25 years, our widely experienced and knowledgeable teams have been casting for all sorts of projects that require actors and actresses. We do the casting for films, television series, theatre productions and musicals, commercials, voice acting, in-company films and art projects. We enthusiastically work in close cooperation with directors and producers, and our creativity, efficiency and accuracy ensure them of the best cast for their projects.

About us

Post Castelijn Casting consists of casting directors who work independently of one another and with their assistants in small teams. If necessary, the casting directors can support one another, but they regularly work autonomously. Each team is led by one of the partners or a senior casting director. Our castings are done in a specially designed studio on the Borgerstraat in Amsterdam.

Our casting teams:

Betty Post | partner 

Anwar Aaziz 

Eva van Kleef 

Job Castelijn | partner 

Ilse de Weerd

Julia Oosterwegel 

Fay Muller 

Sven van den Berg 

Romy ter Haar 

Janusz Gosschalk | partner 

How we work

For new projects, directors and producers can contact any of the partners. Together (and in consultation with the client) they will decide which team can best carry out the work.

Agreements between the actors’ gages are made by the producer and the actor or his/her agent. We are contracted by the producer and do not act as an actor’s agent.

Every casting process is unique because it is designed according to the wishes of the director and the producer, who will eventually make the definitive choice of an actor or actress.


In principle actors and actresses with a degree from an acting school (HBO level) and/or a number of years of relevant experience can register with us.

Your training and experience are less essential if you have more of the ‘specific qualities’ required for the role to be cast. In addition, your ethnic background or a special knowledge of languages can also be a deciding factor in the casting process. So if you have any of these qualities, it’s definitely worth registering with us.

Registration, which is free, is open to individuals aged 16 or older.

You’re not required to give us all of your personal information, but the more information we have the better we can decide whether or not to register you. Click here for our privacy policy.

After we have received your registration form, we will try to contact you within four weeks to let you know whether or not you can be registered with us.
If we are looking for (semi-professional) actors who aren’t in our files, we will post a message on Facebook. So follow our updates there via the links on the left side of this site.